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Plant Meristem cell culture technology is the only economically feasible way of producing high-value metabolites from rare and/or threatened plants. According to KEW Research there are approximately 18’000 medicinal plant species on our planet, and about 20% of those are at risk of becoming extinct. Cultivating these plants for their pure extracts requires harvesting, which increases this risk. Plant Meristem cell culture technology yields active substances 1000 times greater than from mature plant parts. Not only do you not need to harvest entire crops of these plants, but the technology itself will generate more actives per plant than any other method.

Our Meristem Concentrates originate from naturally or organically grown plants that have not been subject to any environmental toxins (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic organics and non-organics) or microbes. And the ingredient liquid that results from this biotech process is uniform across multiple batches, which ensures that our product formulas, textures, smells and colors do not change. Mersistem technology is absolutely ecologically friendly and does not influence plant diversity as it does not bring a risk to extinguishing species. Bio-active, bio-available, naturally potent, and sustainable. The perfect Pure Tech Beauty ingredient.

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